Gulf Coast Engine has been rebuilding Medium and Heavy Duty Diesel Engines for over 40 years. We provide quick turnaround and a written warranty

Medium Duty Diesel

Heavy Duty Diesel

We Do Things Right

  • Sonic Cleaning
  • Pressure Testing (Cast or Aluminum)
  • Magnifluxing
  • Valve Guide Replacement (Cast or Bronze Liners)
  • Valve Seat Replacement
  • Larger Valves Installed

  • Screw in Studs Installed and Other Pedestal Mods.
  • 3 Angle Valve Job
  • Surfacing (All Sides)
  • Thread Repair
  • Aluminum Welding
  • Crack Repair

We Pay Close Attention to Detail When Working with Your Engine Block

Being at the heart of your engine, you want your block done right. All blocks are disassembled, cleaned, and checked. Preliminary checking includes cleaning, all bolt holes and threads checked, magnifluxed (check for cracks), align bore checked for straightness and size, deck checked for straightness and flaws and cylinders checked for size.

Services offered include decking, 0-ringing, boring, honing with or without torque plate, align honing, align boring, cleaning, cam bearings installation, plug installation, and sleeve installation.